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"Whisper This" Book Thoughts & Comments


loved the book! It's so practical, and down-to- earth; a real breath of fresh of air and dose of reality in the midst of all the "new age" horse stuff that's going on. Some of that stuff gets a little too weird for this cowboy!

Best Regards,
Michael Martin Murphey
Whisper This Book Cover

*  *  *

Hey Smokie,

I finished up your book this morning around 5 am. I was up early to head up to the Florida-Alabama line to pick up a load of hay. Experts are saying, that because of the drought this summer, hay will be hard to find and harder to pay for by December. So I’m buying up ahead so our four horses will have something to chew on this winter. I must say that your book should be a must-read for all who are thinking about buying a horse. You have hit the nail on the head, and on a few toes, I expect.
As a farrier, I keep about 400 horses trimmed, with a few coming and going all the time. Some of the new clients, and many of my established clients, would have saved themselves much grief, dents and money by following the advice in your book. The farrier business is a little like some of your thoughts in your book: someone watches a video, or another farrier, and they decided they can do it too, decided without knowing the work involved, the dangers, the sore muscles and bruised toes.
I deal daily with horses of all breeds, disciplines, ages and dispositions. And yes, I’ve been kicked, bit, stomped and run over a few times. Thanks God no serious injuries. Back to your book....
As a writer I found your style quick and entertaining. Your information was on target and your timing was good. I liked the length, too. And the ease of reading had me through it in three days, which is very fast for me. And the message is one that needs to be preached from every sale barn in the country.
The only problem is, how do you get this message out to folks while they are in the process of deciding to buy a horse and not after they have a mouth full of dirt or a hoof print on their back? That’s the big question.
Let me know when you have another book out. I will buy it.
Much success with your book and horse training

Sincerely, Billy B.
Havana, Florida

*  *  *

Dear Smokie,

Just finished "Whisper This" and enjoyed it cover to cover. Good sound advise for nearly any horse fancier. As a matter of fact, after our big outing at John Wayne's 100th in Winterset, my sister and her husband are giving thought to a horse purchase so I'll make them read your book first! Sure great seeing you at Duke's 100th.
With loads of appreciation,

Brian Downes
Wild West Recruitment
Chicago, IL

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Hi Smokie!

Thanks for sending the book. I look forward to reading it. Of course I remember you and your charming wife and I was just thinking about you both the other day.
Your website looks great and thanks for the link to my site! I'll let you know when I've had a chance to read your book; it looks like a no-nonsense approach, which I like :-)
All the best to you and Sue,

Julie Goodnight
Horsemanship Training
Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.
PO Box 397
Poncha Springs CO 81242
(719) 530-0531
(719) 530-0939 fax

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Smokie wrote a book called: "Whisper This Not Your Horse, To Yourself"
Smokie's book is one of the most no-nonsense, hard-hitting, straight to the point books on horses I've read in a long time.
He doesn't sugarcoat anything and it's rather entertaining - and I can tell you I learned stuff "I" didn't know.
If you own a horse you should have his book.

Andy Curry

*  *  *

Hey Smoke!

I finished the book yesterday. Then I went straight to the barn and rode my horse!
I *LOVED* the book. The no-bullshit approach is REALLY refreshing. There were a couple of spots I almost busted a gut laughing. I'm sure almost all horse people either need to read this (not that they'll all know that) or they know a bunch of people who do.

Connie P.

*  *  *

I got this book for Christmas (I sent this email to my mom as a hint:). It is hilarious!!!!!! EVERY HORSE PERSON (INCLUDING WANNA-BE'S) SHOULD READ IT. I agree with just about everything he says. Finally someone wrote a book that tells it like it is. I guess Smokie told my mom it was the first book he sent out. I'd like to have him sign it. I'm hoping to get to meet him in person. It's an easy read, I read it in less than an hour. I'm getting it for every horse person I know.
~glad I got your email,

Rachel R.

*  *  *


It will be required reading for all that come in for training. I often tell my close friends that I will never forget the day you helped me load up after a clinic and gave me the advice to stay "country" and away from the big commercial horsey extravaganzas. So I have. I continue to do little clinics in country arenas for real down to earth horse lovers - those that have normal jobs, live paycheck to paycheck, and work each day looking forward to the weekend when they can ride their horse.
Your book is going on loan today to a lady in her 40's with a serious weight problem and her daughter (same problem) and wants to "get into horses" for some reason I do not yet understand but I have made it my mission to keep them from having an unexpected meeting with the "State of Illinois", otherwise known as "Black and Blue University". Well here some comes some advice back atcha - You are the Real Deal, Smokie my friend. Please, please, perty please stay that way.
Your Bud,

Dusty R.

*  *  *

The day I got the book, I immediately started reading and didn't stop until I finished it. Here are my comments: This is really a great book! It helps you with buying a horse from the start till the moment you have bought one. The way Smokie has written it is really direct, eye-opening, down-to-earth and no-nonsense! (or no-bulshit!) It makes you think before you buy a horse and if you already bought one, how to care for him. It is a damn good book! I can really recommend you this book when you are thinking of buying a horse!!!

The Netherlands.

*  *  *

Hi Smokie:

My name is Pam Gehl I was at your clinic last weekend with the Paint "Taco". I also am the owner of the other Paint Rosa who had all the issues. I talked to Carl on Monday and he said he would tell you we talked, but thought maybe you would like to also here it from me. I am very happy about how everything turned out this weekend. You did the right thing by telling [that gal] what you did-that horse is going to hurt her and I think she now realizes that she pushed her too fast. She is buying that horse from me (I couldn't talk her out of it if I tried)!
Several good things came out of this weekend.
1. {that gal} now agrees with us about the Natural Horseman methods and is going to start her horses on it, and also realizes to keep an open mind, we can all learn something!
2. I found out the potential of Rosa and know that I do not want to ride that horse or put my daughter on her! Not worth it.
3. We had a great weekend and learned alot from you! Anyways-thank you for everything and keep doing what your doing, if you are interested in doing a clinic in Green Bay let me know what you would need as far as a $ amount. We have 3 10 year old girls who I think would really benefit from 1/2 day seminar (their attention span is not there for a full day) and enough adults to fill up the rest of the weekend. The nine year olds could use some help with getting respect when leading - might be something different for you to experience with young kids-not sure if that is your thing or not.
Thanks alot!

Pam G.

*  *  *

Today i've got your book and Wow! I've read it in one breath. I'm almost sad i finished it already. For a moment I was back in Wisconsin and we where just talking about horses. Tanx for the personal message, that was great. I love that you are so honest, its really no bullshit and finally somebody is just plain honest how things work.
greatings and the best wishes,

Near Woensdrecht,
The Netherlands.

*  *  *

Dear Mr. Brannaman,
While browsing the horse book section your book caught my eye and I just wanted to thank you for writing it. I have wanted a horse for a long time; the dream has not faded and I’m finally able to dedicate time to owning a horse. A great place to start was your book which held a good strong dose of reality amid all the people that say “oh, what fuuuuuuuuuuuun, a horse”.
Although I got advice ranging from “just go buy one – you’ll figure it out” to “you can have one of mine” I feel like your book spoke directly to me on hopefully a better way to start to find a horse suited for me.
Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed your book and your website – you taught me several valuable lessons in just 92 pages!
Michelle Thornton
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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