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Howdy friends!  Welcome to my corner of the the horse world!  As the sign says, you are about to enter a "No Bull" site about horses, training, and the realities of horse ownership.  It is my hope that you will be able find here "just a bit more knowledge" (Equiknowlogy 101) in your quest for a safe and enjoyable equine experience.

If you are looking for the famous, fantasy filled, warm and fuzzy, majestic spectacle bringing knowledge from on high to the horse world, you are not going to find that here.  What you can find here is basic down home education and information, brought to you by folks that are only interested in perhaps helping you find the knowledge you need, that will "keep your mind in the middle" and "your horse willingly under you," so you both can enjoy the ride and be better partners!

When you are involved with horses, it's not just about throwing a saddle on and riding off into the sunset.  It's about being responsible for another living, breathing creature as the leader of the herd.  It's not always fun, it's definitely not cheap, and it's not always instantly successful.  But if you go about it with just a whisper of common sense, practicality, and patience, you can and will have a much more rewarding experience with a lot less frequent flyer miles and hoof print tattoos!

That is our goeal here on this site.  We are trying to get folks to see the big picture.  From knowing what you feed, to what you will have to clean up later, to understanding.  "Tony the pony probably won't be a push button cow horse."  (Whisper This)  No matter how much you think you may know, or someone tells you about making one.  Or how much money you spend, or how many hours you spend in the round pen with him!

So if that interests you, come on in!  If not, well that's okay too.  I don't make my living doing this.  I'm just a guy that knows a "bit" about horses and gets some enjoyment in helping other horse folks along the way.

Best Wishes and "Just Ride"!
Smokie and Vickie

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**NEW LOWER PRICE ON EQUIKNOWLOGY 101!!!**  We've lowered the price on Equiknowlogy 101 to $14.95!

**NEW!!!**  We are proud to be sponsors of Inner City Slickers!  It's a worthwhile cause so please go visit their website if you wish to help out!
**NEW!!!**  We have a brand new DVD out!  "From The Groundwork... Up."  This DVD is designed to give you basic concepts and methods for doing groundwork with your horse to promote a partnership of trust and confidence that you and your horse need to keep both out of harm's way when things go wrong.

Horses In The Morning Internet radio show hosts interviewed Smokie on their March 2nd, 2011 show.  Drop by and listen to Smokie talk about horses and some buying advice.  You can listen to the interview here.  See the link below to go to their site.

Join Smokie and become a partner in the Horseman's Services Scholarship Fund!  Since 2007, Horseman's Services Scholarship Fund has contributed towards a scholarship with the goal of sending deserving students to college to study in the equine field.
Smokie donates a portion of the proceeds from his books and videos to the Wisconsin Horse Council Equine Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Horseman's Services Scholarship Project.  For more information or how you too can contribute, go here.

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Equiknowlogy Book Cover "Equiknowlogy 101"

New comments on "Equiknowlogy 101"!  Read the comments here.

Book review of "Equiknowlogy 101" from Midwest Book Review!  Read it

See the Products & Services page for more information about our new book and DVD shown below.  Now include are smple chapters and videos!

$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)
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Whisper This Book Cover "Whisper This"

Thousands of copies have been sold world-wide… Whisper This… is the must have book for anyone interested in owning horses or wants to better enjoy their equine experience. Once again available from Horseman’s Services Limited, Smokies’ book is the key text book from the Whisper This… College of Equiknowlogy!

$12.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

From The Groundwork Up DVD Cover
"From The Groundwork Up" **BRAND NEW!!!**
DVD + Bonus DVD!
Principles and methods of groundwork.
$24.95 (plus S&H $3.00)
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Colt Starting 101 DVD Cover
"Colt Starting 101"
6 DVD Set
A complete horse starting guide.
DVD $39.95 (plus S&H $3.75)
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Equiknowlogy 101 Book Cover
"A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer." 
Bob Medak,
Allbooks Review

$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

Colt Starting 101 DVD Cover
6 DVD Set
A complete horse starting guide.
$39.95 (plus S&H $3.75)
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Comments from a DVD buyer:

Hi Mr. Brannaman,

I just wanted to email and express my appreciation for your DVD series
"You Can't Ride Pretty". I recently watched the entire thing in one
sitting. It has so much common sense and I wish I had seen it a long time ago. I do some horse training myself, and I have to admit that I've gotten in over my head more than once through believing the "this will work on any horse" marketing promotions of the various celebrity trainers. It was
refreshing to be brought back down to Earth.

Again, thanks for "You Can't Ride Pretty" and your other contributions to the horse world. I haven't had the opportunity to see them all, but I'm seriously considering buying your book if it's anything like what I have seen.

Ian McDonald

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