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"From The Groundwork... Up" DVD

Any good carpenter will tell you, "Good houses start with a good foundation."  Good pilots learn to control the plane and fly on the ground not in the air... The same is true when training your horse.  If you don't build a good foundation on your horse from the start, based on respect, stability, and control from the ground, you will no doubt crash and burn if your horse takes flight when you're on his back. From The Groundwork Up DVD Cover

I’ll grant you, that doing groundwork is not as exciting as riding off into the sunset on your shiny new colt or chasing cows over the prairie.  But you will learn sooner or later that the time spent on the ground is a whole lot better than the time spent in the ER if you choose not to do it. 

This DVD is designed to give you basic concepts and methods for doing groundwork with your horse to promote a partnership of trust and confidence that you and your horse need to keep both out of harm’s way when things go wrong… Topics discussed are:

  • Halter breaking and handling young horses.
  • Respect and lessons for your youngster before he’s ready to ride.
  • Halter work and lunging.
  • Bending, flexing, and controlling the mind through control of the feet.
  • Controlling fear by controlling the mind.
  • Desensitizing.
  • Saddling.
  • Preparation for the first ride.

“Many a good horse and rider have crumbled when the project started off on the wrong way… without building a good foundation… Put these tools in your box and be a better carpenter, pilot, and partner with your horse.”

Sample videos coming soon!

$24.95 (plus S&H $3.00)

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Equiknowlogy 101 Book Cover
"A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer." 
Bob Medak,
Allbooks Review

$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

Colt Starting 101 DVD Cover
6 DVD Set
A complete horse starting guide.
$39.95 (plus S&H $3.75)
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