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"Equiknowlogy 101" Book Reviews

Genre: Study Guide/Nature
Title: Equiknowlogy 101 ...
Author: Smokie Brannaman

A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer. While there is no one fits all method of training a horse, if the trainer approaches with an open mind and sensitivity toward animals, in this case horses, the horse can teach the trainer how the horse wishes training from the trainer.

Equiknowlogy Book Cover
When working with something as large and heavy as a horse, it might be a good thing to listen what to what the horse is willing to teach the trainer about the proper method for building a bond between horse and trainer. The tack used and method of training for a particular horse will need to be worked out between animal and human for there to be the proper level of trust built between the two. For training to commence and have a good outcome for both and so that riders will have a good horse for their riding pleasure. While some of what is in the book may seem to be common sense, it is the horse s common sense that trainers need to worry about, connect to, and let the horse tell the trainer what works best for each individual trainer. This reviewer found Equiknowlogy 101 to be a fun and informative read. If the reader is looking for how to train their horse or looking for a trainer, Equiknowlogy 101 will give you some basic information on how to train, or what to look for. When training a horse, the trainer will learn many things from a horse, one being patience. If the person training does not have patience when they begin, they will by the time the horse if trained. Equiknowlogy 101 is a recommended 4 out of 5 stars read for anyone thinking of acquiring a horse or becoming a horse trainer because they love being around horses and love riding horses.

Bob Medak,
Allbooks Review 

* * *

Horses have always had a special place in people's hearts. Equiknowlogy 101... is a guide to horse ownership and care, covering the many details of care and understanding horses while using a bit of humor on the matter. Scholarly researched with plenty of advice and wisdom for both novices and those who are a bit more experienced on the matter. Equiknowlogy 101... is a good resource for horse owners and would be horse owners a like. Highly recommended! 

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review 

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$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

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Equiknowlogy 101 Book Cover
"A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer." 
Bob Medak,
Allbooks Review

$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

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