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"Colt Starting 101" DVD

In this twelve part DVD series, "Yukon," a five year old mustang, is started under saddle.  Each day's lesson from day one through his first ride outside is filimed raw and uncut just as it happened.  No fancy editting.  No cut-a-ways.  No music or special effects.  What you will see is how Smokie works with a colt, pure and simple. He explains each day's lesson, the methods used, Yukon's progress and the setbacks with no interrupts, or the bad stuff left out to makea  more perfect film. This is just like it would be if you train, or start, a horse at home.  comple with teh fricken chicken running around, birds chipring, dogs barking, and all the other distractions you would have in the real world. Colt Start 101 DVD Cover

This series will show you exactly what it takes to start a colt, how it is done, and the obstacles you will face if you want to try this at home.

Lessons include:
  • Round pen work
  • Groundwork
  • Desensitizing and sacking out
  • Rail work
  • Saddling
  • The first ride
  • Progressive rides in the arena and outside
Ending with the final ride and owner riding her new "green broke" equine partner.

If you are contemplating starting, restarting, or just doing some tuning up of your current horse, this video will give you more in one package than all the others combined.

Filmed by Vickie Schwabe.

See samples videos on You Tube here as well as below.

6 DVD Set
$39.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

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Equiknowlogy 101 Book Cover
"A sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent Q&A book about training horses by learning what the animal has to teach the trainer." 
Bob Medak,
Allbooks Review

$14.95 (plus S&H $3.75)

Colt Starting 101 DVD Cover
6 DVD Set
A complete horse starting guide.
$39.95 (plus S&H $3.75)
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